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Find out the latest findings and discoveries regarding the most hotly debated conspiracies, government plots and mysteries of the universe including alien encounters, UFOs, black helicopters, New World Order (NWO), Hurricane Katrina, 911, universal apocalypse, Mayan doomsday, planet X and much more. Here both sides of the case and then you decide what really happened.

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We have news about all of the most realistic and believable conspiracies including political assassinations including JFK and Martin Luther King Jr., the Zionist control of world banking, how closely Big Brother is watching and the power of secret societies. Also find out more about right wing militias and preparations for a race war or worldwide apocalypse.
Government plots, political schemes and chemical weapons:
Conspiracy Theories and 2015 Predictions with exclusive content, articles and videos that you won’t find anywhere else. We have a complete archive of content and discussions about topics that you won’t find being covered by the mainstream news.

American Political Secrets
This proposed logo for a U.S. government agency was dropped due to fears that its Masonic symbolism would provoke conspiracy theories. Generally, the genre of conspiracy theories is associated with eccentric individuals.

CBC’s the fifth estate looks at the conspiracy theories surrounding the events of September 11, 2001. Even the most outrageous theory may have its basis in fact.

The Latest News About Government and Military Conspiracies
Do you know how our leaders got their power? Part of the New World Order(NWO), the Freemasons or Skull and Bones? You would be surprised to know how close our world leaders are to these secret and controversial organizations.

Have you seen the black helicopters?
There is a lot of discussion about how these helicopters are not from the United States government but from the United Nations. Is the U.N. spying on the USA? Is the U.N. taking part in secret missions?

Plus information about how the Federal Reserve and IRS are stealing from America. The latest experimental aircraft from the defense department and news about personal spacecraft and vehicles that can run on water. Plus a discussion about political assassinations that are still unsolved.

Are powerful groups harnessing the power of the supernatural in order to increase their power and influence? Are people on Earth in contact with aliens light years away and are they coordinating a human apocalypse? Where aliens involved in the construction of the Egyptian pyraminds, Mayan Ziggurats or StoneHenge?
Government Control and Power Grab:
Howard rejects terror threat conspiracy claims.
The Federal Government has strongly rejected suggestions the warning of a “specific” terrorist attack and the urgent legislation to deal with that threat is a political conspiracy. provides the latest research and exposed truths of the secret societies, confidential government agencies and multinational corporations.