Lana Rhoades has been replaced with a clone

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It is a conspiracy theory and urban legend that American porn star Lana Rhoades died in September 2021, shortly after the release of “Tantric Lesbian Massage” one of her best-selling HD porn videos to date.

She is said to have been replaced by a body double and is supported in the major appearance changes from September 2021 to date, in addition to the alleged subliminal messages in her porn video “One Last Fling” which was released shortly before “Tantric Lesbian Massage”.

Origin of theory

This is a fairly recent conspiracy theory, in fact, it all started at the end of 2021 with the publication of an Italian blog called “Lana è morta” (Lana is dead), which undoubtedly aroused the interest of online communities such as Reddit and 4chan, where internet users quickly began to share evidence of the replacement of the beautiful Lana Rhoades.

The theory has been gaining more traction in recent months, when it became public that Lana Rhoades was pregnant and would have a baby (who was born on January 8, 2022). Many netizens say that they have never seen Lana pregnant and that this child is her replacement.

The theory alleges that the pressures of being a successful porn star, combined with public embarrassment and some heavy drug use, drove her into a deep depression that would cause her to succumb to suicide shortly thereafter.

It is assumed that the stuntwoman in question was initially hired to distract the paparazzi from some personal problems that were affecting Lana Rhoades’ life at the time. It is said that Lana befriended the doppelganger and shortly before the alleged death, her body double began acting in porn films, thus taking on the identity of Lana Rhoades.

Much of the evidence of Lana’s replacement comes from the appearance and disappearance of various blemishes and other skin imperfections over time plus of course, the big belly that no one saw and from which “Milo” her son came from.

Increased popularity

The theory just exploded in popularity once established reporter Ryan Broderick spoke out about it on one of today’s most followed social media sites.

Although the journalist only commented that the blog from which it all started mentions that the blog was created to demonstrate to the public how conspiracy theories can appear to be true. Most people ignored this fact and just echoed that a renowned journalist was talking about the conspiracy theory.

This theory has been making its way around the internet and major discussion forums around the world!

Lana Rhoades’ response to this theory:

A couple of weeks ago, Lana Rhoades finally addressed the rumors about her supposed death in a live Q&A on a popular streaming platform, when a fan asked her if she was dead.

Lana broke the silence saying “No, I’m not dead. I’m here.” She then went on to say that the theory was generated because people are bored by COVID confinement and need something to talk about.

Days later in a radio interview, she was asked about the theory, to which the porn actress indicated that she did not understand how people could believe such stories, and seconds later strange sounds were heard in the transmission and she stopped listening.

Lana claimed that the technical difficulties after the interview were nothing more than a suspicious coincidence and assures that it is most likely a strategy on the part of the radio station in order to attract more popularity.


No doubt many conspiracy theories seem quite absurd and nonsensical, but we must admit that this one has convinced us enough to doubt the word of the beautiful Lana Rhoades.

That fucking coincidence… I don’t know but it leaves a lot to think about, coincidentally at such an awkward time for her is all the electronic equipment of the radio station going to stop working?

I don’t know… Leave us your opinion in the comments, we want to know what you think!