Skolnick: MFN: Trumping The Jew Card

Skolnick: MFN: Trumping The Jew Card
Skolnick: Middle-Finger News 4Oct2k4
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Skolnick: MFN: Trumping The Jew Card
Sticking It To The Poobahs
News Hot Enough To Fry Radio Stations

by Sherman H. Skolnick and Lenny Bloom

What you are about to read is what you can expect from the circumstances. After all, Prescott S. Bush, Sr., grandfather of George W. Bush, helped install Hitler. It is beyond dispute.

When the Fascist element in the aristocracy and their stooges and scapegoats get into a crunch, they have to blame someone. The impending financial debacle of America, the expected real estate bust, the hollowing out of America’s military, the giving away to foreign lands of the jobs of commonfolk of this nation-state, the perceived necessity to cancel parts of the organic law, such as the Bill of Rights—these realities and more, have to be blamed on some tribe, some group.

And from the historic past, the Jews are as good a target to finger, as any. Certainly in view of the Establishment, “the powers that be”, the Ruling Class—in short THEM, to protect their own ass.

From THEIR view, the “truth” is simple, “beyond challenge”, and right in front:

—-“The Jews killed Jesus”. So the Jews, as a tribe, are to be forever condemned as bloody criminals collectively.

—-“The Jews not only manage but own the mass media, and to enrich themselves, are polluting and destroying Christianity, with porno filth, in television, in radio, in movies, in records, in publications, and more”.

—-“The Jews own and operate the money center banks as well as the local banks and the credit card companies. These rotten Godless usurers are plundering ordinary Anericans.”

—-“Through domestic and foreign lobbyists, bagmen, and fixers, such as for American Jewry and Israel, Congress panders to Jews as a tribe.”

—-“From the beginning of the alleged State oi Israel, in 1948, the Jew-manipulated U.S. Government, supplied Israel with weapons to torment their innocent Arab neighboring nations”.

What if it could be shown, that these allegations, poison bubbling up from the underground of hate, are actually NOT true?

Unfortunately, too often a few traitors to the group or tribe, in the view of some, seem to bring disrepute to all of the group or tribe, collectively.This does not happen only to Jews.
[See, :”The Jesse Jackson Affair”, as to Rev. Jackson being an FBI stool pigeon since being a teen ager, selected by the Aristocracy to replace Dr. King after the FBI/CIA assassinated Dr. King, and Jesse being a permitted and condoned reputed extortionist against both blacks and whites.]

BUT, too often hatred matters exist in the psyches of anguished populaces. A few examples necessary to correct the gut images:

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, portrayed as a heroic icon, was actually the greatest counter-revolutionary in history. By various tricks, he prevented a necessary Revolution in America, to take down the inhumane Aristocracy. Jews from Germany could not hope to escape to America in the Depression-riddled 1930s. Roosevelt, to benefit the pro-Hitler British Monarchy, during World War Two, forbade U.S. and British bombers from bombing the railroads leading into the concentration camps. [A subject of a previously long-censored documentary not shown previously in America; finally, shown on PBS.]

Joseph P. Kennedy, an Adolf Hitler supporter and bigshot in the movie industry as well as “Founding Father” of the Kennedy clan, absolutely forbade the movie producers during World War Two to depict the Nazi Concentration Camps murdering Jews. See, Ben Hecht’s first-hand account in “Child of the Century”.

In 1948, the U.S. Government, under President Harry S Truman, set up a tight embargo against sending weapons to the new Israel fighting for their existence against an Arab unrising against the Jews. The result? The Jews, with no other choice, turned to the Soviets supplying them weapons through Czechoslovakia.,
[The book “Exodus” by Leon Uris, unfortunately a mixture of fact and fiction so as to not directly trouble real persons, touches on this.]

Some, to avoid confusion, refer to an actual bank house building, rather than investment bankers, as a “bank-bank”. Martin Mayer in his book, “The Bankers”, showed after exhaustive study, that in the U.S., there was only ONE bank-bank that had so much as a vice-president a Jew.

On the other hand is the book, “The New Crowd: The Changing of the Jewish Guard on Wall Street”, by Judith Ramsey Ehrlich and Barry Rehfeld, documenting that the Wall Street investment banking houses, run by persons with Jewish surnames, have converted to other religions several generations ago.

Even so, having converted, and using corrupt methods to rape and plunder the American commonfolk, the owners and operators of such firms are still traitors to the Jewish tribe, tending to bring disrepute on all Jews collectively including fomenting fear and hatred against all Jews.

For example, Citicorp, Citibank, a money center bank octopus, is owned by the Rockefellers jointly with a member of the Saudi Royal Family. Big downtown banks, such as in Chicago, carefully avoid hiring and having Jews in any important bank function. Discrimination continues in this way and also, blacks are seldom allowed to be more than a bank vault guard or manager.

.Many so-called prominent Jews, are actually hofjuden, a German word, meaning Royal Court Jews, those who have converted to other religions but continue as advisors and consultants to Kings, Presidents, and other rulers. Such hofjuden, however, by being permitted that close to the apparent chairs of power, know that if something goes wrong, they are the first to be condemned, and run out of the country, or have their heads chopped off, as deemed necessary by the Aristocracy.

Although those with Jewish surnames do often manage the monopoly press, they are not the principal owners. Throughout the U.S., local radio and television and the networks, have extremely few Jews reading you the news or being the talking heads on network tv morning shows.

Some of the discriminatory policies of the local tv and the networks:

On local television, the news readers are seldom if ever allowed to be Jews. A black must be light-skinned and have European facial features. The general policy, throughout the nation, is that local news anchors cannot be younger than 28 nor older than 48.

News networks carefully avoid having Jews as news anchors. Other discriminatory policies include that blacks should not or cannot be network news anchors. Further, a black is only permitted to be a network tv weather man, no higher position is generally permitted for blacks.
Both Jews, and blacks, are victims of network and local tv discriminatory policies.

Lobbyists, fixers, and bagmen do put the arm on the U.S. Congress which is “for sale”. However, such persons and entities, if at all, for Jews and/or Israel, are not in the majority. The most of such do such work for the pharmaceutical industry, such as Eli Lilly & Co.,, of which Daddy Bush has been a Director, for the purposes of covering up their reputed marketing of illegal potions; and for the war-mongers such as Boeing and others in the airplane industry; and for criminals like Halliburton, of which alleged “Vice President” Richard Cheney has been CEO and he having been installed in the White House by a corrupt 5-Judge majority of the U.S. Supreme Court; and by highly corrupt U.S. money center banks; and numerous other corporate pirates.

[As to the corruption of the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Bush versus Gore, see the October 2004 issue of Vanity Fair Magazine. Our documented study of the high court corruption, coming many months before the magazine was published, can be seen at, “Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts”, particularly parts 9 and 10 of same. ]

At the time of this story, upwards of ten Jews or actually hofjuden, have been advisors and consultants to the Bush White House and the Pentagon. In invoking the Jew Card, the White House and the Justice Departnent are in the process of prosecuting these Jews as “spies” subject to being sent away near forever into federal prison. Thus, like Adolf Hitler, they are invoking the Jew Card AGAINST ALL JEWS collectively, as if they all allow, permit, condone, and acquiesce in having purported Jews or Israelis as “spies” against the purported U.S. Government and its supposed secrets.,

The alleged “master mind” of the violence of 9-11 has been “identified” as a former Rabbi, now a top Pentagon official, Dov Zakheim.
As to our comments on Mel Gibson and his movie, see “The Ash Wednesday Plot”, 3 parts, Part 3 is somehow missing.]

On a cynical if not lighter note, here is how the Aristocracy, using the Jew Card, would have the general population perceive matters.

According to the view pushed by the Aristocracy as the Jew Card, the authors of this story, Sherman H. Skolnick and Lenny Bloom, constitute the supposed firm of Bloom and Skolnick, Diamond Merchants, Montreal [actually thought of as diamond smugglers] .
In a supplement to this story are supposed pictures of them as well as
pictures of two reputed salesmen of Bloom and Skolnick, Diamond Merchants, Montreal.Also in the supplement is a purported U.S. Defense Department photo of former Rabbi Dov Zakheim, the purported “Master Mind of the 9-11 plot”.

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More coming. Stay tuned.

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