Zapruder Film Analysis

Zapruder film Analysis By Marcel DEHAESELEER – Belgium

One of the keys to understand the mystery of the Zapruder film ? (A staggering discovery…)

I was not prepared to find the following. I imagined only to astonish Anthony MARSH by indicating him an unpublished series of Ghostlike images and to obtain his agreement to post on my site a french translation of his own Homepage dedicated to Zapruder. But to my great surprise I didn’t only found Ghostlike images but also two unpublished scenes where appears:

1°) Five pictures of a strange character usually called the “Black Dog Man”, guilty or not of something related to the assassination of JFK. Those pictures are already exceptional by it self because unknown till our days. This character appears on the lower sprocket hole area, on frames Z-450, Z-451, Z-452, Z-453 and Z-454. Scene duration while projected 18 fps.: 0,27 sec.

2°) Eleven pictures with three or four characters, the scene is the fallowing: Z-466 & Z-467 (on the left) the 1st character drop a “long object” to the 2nd one (in crouch position) in front of him (center). The 2nd character put the “long object” on the ground… perhaps inside a bag or a suitcase. On the right side, a 3rd character seems to be on the watch, walk to the center of the image (Z-469 to Z-474). At least, on frame Z-476 appears a 4th character in foreground, we just can see the top of his hat (Fedora) on the left side of the image (maybe Black Dog Man). And even if I’m wrong about the reason of the presence of those persons (that I will call crew #3) there, never since the 22nd of November 1963, nobody mentioned their presence or the existence of those images. Those characters appear on the lower sprocket hole area on frames Z-466, Z-467, Z-468, Z-469, Z-470, Z471, Z-472, Z473, Z-474, Z475 and Z-476. Scene duration while projected 18 fps.: 0,60 sec.


Unfortunately, there are no official conclusions until now. The 15th of April 2002, I’ve shared my discovery with the Official Agency concerned in the U.S.A. Since than, I’m waiting for their reply. I will surely post here the possible explanations that their could give me.

My conclusions influenced by my own knowledge of the history and by the facts and the images I’ve discovered are the following:

Plot has really exist to assassinate JFK (it has been integrated as a real truth by the public since a long time now). The Zapruder film is AUTHENTIC!!! One more time, the evidence was obvious and nobody saw it during 39 years. Mister Abraham ZAPRUDER is gone without know that he had captured, not on purpose, something that could support the conspiracy theory. All the audiences having seen this film globally haven’t noticed this little light in the inferior left corner of the image.

And … finally, I’m convinced that the National Archives, the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. as well have not enough analyze the Zapruder’s film; because they wouldn’t publish it knowing what it really contains.

Some of the responsible of the JFK’s assassination are in jail !!! They are captured forever on several mm2 of celluloid in a safe well closed in the hard of the U.S National Archives building.


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